The Light Fund is an event driven charity. Our commitment is to ensure that all events are as safe as possible, working in and above the lines of legal expectation, with the co-operation of all who attend. 

The location and type of event will form the policy at any given time. It is common practise currently that for most events and venue gatherings:

That everyone attending will have to show proof of being double vaccinated (via the NHS app) or a COVID passport (these can be applied for at: NHS COVID Pass – NHS (

For people who haven’t been vaccinated some venues may require proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test (within 24 hours of the event start time), logged with the NHS result service. (

Staff / Contractors:

All staff and contractors at venues we work with will be encouraged have taken a Lateral Flow Test within 24 hours of the event.


• All front of house associates will be Covid safety trained.

• All food service associates will be Covid safety trained.

The 3 principles that the venues continue to follow are:

Hygiene: The venues maintain a high level of enhanced hygiene protocols in all areas. Associates will wear face coverings and white gloves during the service.

Ventilation: All public areas and events spaces have a high level of natural and mechanical air-conditioning with fresh air ventilation. 

Sanitisation: High traffic areas and touchpoints are sanitized frequently and regularly, and hand-sanitizing stations are available for all guests to use.


• Guests are requested to avoid bringing luggage such as overnight bags with them to the venue to help minimize queues.

* Please note, these protocols could be subject to change in the future.